Concrete Contractors Shreveport

iConcrete Construction is one of the best concrete contractors in Shreveport–Bossier City Louisiana. We Are Proud to announce the expansion of our San Antonio Texas office.  In addition to our San Antonio & Louisiana Offices we also have concrete and aspalt Project Managers in Dallas Texas to complete your concrete or asphalt paving projects on time.  We have been able to corner the concrete, asphalt paving  and commercial foundation markets by being experts in the Commercial & Residential Asphalt and Concrete Construction Industry.  Cpncrete and Asphalt Construction improvements are expensive and tedious.  It requires  special skills, concrete/asphalt tools and the right mindset to finish the project, and most of all……expertise.  Using subcontractors with little experience or do-it-yourself is not enough as the result would become disastrous.  How to build a house or install your new foundation, parking lot or driveway.

How We Work As Concrete Contractors in Louisiana and Texas

The process of concrete constructions is not a joke.  If you wish to have a project done by you, think it over. You need expert hands to do the job like hiring the concrete contractors in Shreveport who values high quality and durable projects. Take a look at the stages before the construction begins:

  • Planning stage–This is where you refer the work to a professional who knows what you want, for the repair, remodeling or construction. At this stage, you will be advised on the preparation of the area, budget , and details of the project.
  • Designing stage–After talking to the professional, you have the option to present your ideas or entrust him the design based on your taste and budget.
  • On-site visit–The contractor will send their engineer to your site to see the area so they can calculate the needed materials, timetables, and workers needed to do the job.
  • Clearing the site-Before the work begins, the workers will clear the area of debris and dirt to hasten the work using their heavy duty equipment and tools.
  • Cleanup of the site-After the project is finished, the contractor will clean the area to remove the debris.

Why Choose iConcrete as Concrete Contractors Near You?

As one of the most experienced concrete contractors in Shreveport-Bossier City, the pride and craftmanship of iConcrete Construction is unequal.  We believe in Challenging The Status Quo. We place high marks on our craftmaship and believe in making things easier for our clients from start to finish. Property owners recommend our services because the result is of international standard. Instead of worrying about your plans, it is better to entrust it to the experts. There is no better way than to consult one of the best concrete contractors in Shreveport, which is renowned for their affordable yet high quality work.

Quite interesting right? Then why not call us now 318-655-8422 for details.