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Types of Fence

Privacy Fence & Wood Decks

Got Kids?  Pets?  Pool?  Want More Privacy From Neighbors?  Are You Just Sick Of Looking At Your Ugly Fence



We believe you are entitled to seclusion, especially when enjoying your favorite room: your back yard! WE ALL NEED A PRIVACY FENCE!  Our privacy fences make this a definite reality. Not only do our fencing solutions keep prying eyes out, but the decorative privacy fence designs and commitment to top quality products ensure your property and security are taken care of, too.

You can look forward to high quality and cost effective fencing solutions that feature next generation technology. such as Cambium, Solar Guard and Glide Lock. Raising the bar for back yard seclusion, iConcrete Construction Services is the gold standard when it comes to your privacy fencing solutions.

best board on board wood fences iconcrete constructionWood / Cedar Privacy Fencing

Our wooden privacy fences are, well…Private.  We offer you all the mainstream designs that are built with our 1″ x 4″ white and red cedar boards. We also have a unique offering of privacy fences that are built with our 1″ x 5″ premium white cedar boards that are simply stunning. We even have them in Tongue and Groove in total maximum privacy and lattice topped. Our cedar is selected from the finest mills in the world and we have been sourcing our cedar at the same mills for almost 3 decades – so they know what we want for YOU!

Warm, Natural and virtually maintenance free at prices that work!

Vinyl Privacy & Semi Privacy Fence Styles

Featuring the Glide Lock System, Select Vinyl Privacy Fences come with interlocking boards to protect against wind challenges.  This means that you can create your own private oasis in Suburbia and beyond. Check us out on YouTube and Facebook.

We have numerous options for vinyl privacy fencing—deciding which fence to enjoy in your yard will be the hardest part of the process.  View our selection of vinyl privacy fencing then contact us with your questions.  You may also want to take a peek at our semi-private fence options.

Best Prices on Privacy Fences--iConcreteWood Privacy Fence Styles

One of the most economical choices for privacy fending is our line of wood options.  Made from the finest materials, our wood privacy fences come in a number of styles.   View our wood privacy fences then let us know if you have any questions or are ready to get started!

Ready to Purchase A New Wood Privacy Fence?

Get it installed. Perhaps the most straightforward is to have an expert from The Fence Authority come to your home and install any fencing as required.  This is recommended for customers who may not be equipped or able to install a privacy fence themselves.

Deck and Stained Board on Board iConcrete does it all (5)Privacy Fence Maintenance

You’ve completed that spectacular new privacy fence installation, but you know your fence is going to need a little TLC to keep it looking as majestic as the day it was installed. The Outdoor Living Experts at The Fence Authority are ready to guide you on some Privacy Fence Maintenance 101 so you can appreciate your new addition for years to come.

Wood Privacy Fence MaintenanceCustom Shadow Box Privacy Fence

It’s true that wood is less resistant than other fencing materials when it comes to withstanding the elements.  But with just a little bit of care and attention, your wood privacy fence could even outlast you!

Think of wood privacy fence as a bit of a loner. While beautiful and stylish, your wood privacy fence doesn’t like to mingle with elements like soil, water or plants.


  1.  Keep soil away from the posts of your wooden fence. When you add new soil to your garden each year, the layers will start to add up and increase the contact the soil has with the wood fence. Before you know it, the soil will be past the concrete post foundation and an easy-access gateway for bugs and plant roots will be open for business.


  1.  By the same token, do your best to keep plants, flowers and any vegetation away from growing directly next to your wood privacy fence. While the aesthetic is nice, the plants attract harmful bugs like termites. Dead leaves and other plant droppings can also accelerate decomposition near your wood fence.


  1.  The last thing you need to remember when it comes to the elements is that your wood fence has a huge aversion to water. So keep sprinklers aimed away, and break the news gently that your wood fence can’t participate in the annual neighborhood-wide water balloon fight that happens at the beginning of summer break. It’s a risk you shouldn’t be willing to take.

Privacy Fence WIth Rail--iConcreteStain – The Best Jacket For Fence Maintenance

To give your wood privacy fence a little boost, use an oil based stain when you are installing. The added protection will do wonders to prolong its life, even if the dogs were to develop weak bladders.

Vinyl Privacy Fence Maintenance

If you like the idea of a quality privacy fence, but the thought of extra chores makes you a little green around the gills, a vinyl fence is just for you!

The biggest concerns with vinyl fencing are stains and wear from the weather, a rowdy neighborhood soccer game or an unruly garden. That doesn’t sound like a small job, right?

As long as you’re armed with a garden hose with a good nozzle and a bucket of soapy water or vinyl cleaning solution (and maybe a teenager eager to earn some extra chore money) your vinyl fence maintenance should be a breeze!

And as an added bonus, cleaning your vinyl privacy fence every 3-6 months is all the attention those pre-manufactured posts need to be in good standing around your property.

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